Large Ensemble  

Passacaglia (in progress) for tuba/euphonium ensemble. Commissioned by Dr. Jarrod Williams for the ECU Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble.

…is the beginning is the end is… (2019) 6'  for orchestra. Written for the ECU Symphony Orchestra (Jorge Richter, director).

Loose Strands (2013) 12'  for woodwinds and brass. Commissioned by R. Scott Carter and the ECU Chamber Winds for the 13th Annual NewMusic@ECU Festival. Recording: ECU Chamber Winds, East Carolina University, May 2015.

Ponder (2012) 39'  for four-part brass choir, to be played around a body of water. Written for the 2012 Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Arts. Premiere: Chapels Pond, Brandeis University, 4/26/12.


Altered States (2016) 9’ for flute/picc, bass clarinet/clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, and cello. Commissioned by the Boston New Music Initiative.

Sharp Edges (2015) 7'  for solo clarinet. Commissioned by Christopher Grymes. Recording: Christopher Grymes (cl), East Carolina University, 1/23/15.

Riffs and Echoes (2013) 6'  for trumpet and double bass. Written for the 2013 Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium. 

Emily's Window (2012-13) 25'  a song cycle for soprano, clarinet/ bass clarinet, and piano. Based on text by Emily Dickinson. In partial fulfillment of the PhD in Music Composition, Brandeis University.

     Mvts I, IV, VII: Sharon Harms (sop), Ben Fingland (clar), and Christopher Oldfather (pno), Composers Conference at Wellesley College, 8-1-15.

     Mvt. I      Mvt. IV      Mvt. VII      

     Mvts II, III, V, VI: Kimberly Soby (sop), Gleb Kanasevich (clar), and Yoko Hagino (pno), Brandeis, 5-4-13.

     Mvts. II & III      Mvt. V & VI

Havoc! (2012) 5'  for 10-piece rock ensemble. Written for the Genkin Philharmonic. Recording: Genkin Philharmonic, Brandeis University, 1/26/13.

Cycles (2012) 7'  for violin and violoncello. Written for New Music on the Point, Summer 2012. Recording: Ari Streisfeld (vln) and Justin Lepard (vcl), Marsh Hall, Burlington, VT. 6-16-12.

I Felt a Funeral (2012) 4'  for medium-high voice and piano. Written for New Music on the Point, Summer 2012 (text by Emily Dickinson). Recording: Kimberly Soby (sop) and Alexander Lane (pno), Slosberg Hall, Brandeis, 10/27/12.

Froschteichmusik (2012) 5'  for percussion quartet. Written for the Talujon Percussion Group. Recording: Talujon Percussion Group. 3/17/12.

Rapscalian Tendencies (2011) 10'  for flute/alto flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet, piano, electric guitar, violin, and violoncello. Commissioned by the Wild Rumpus New Music Collective. 

[whitespace] (2010-11) 9'  for trombone, piano, and percussion. Commissioned by trombonist Benjamin Herrington. Recording: McMillan Gaither (tbn), Mike Williams (perc), Yoko Hagino (pno), Jeffrey Means (cond). Slosberg Hall, 5/12/12.

Self, Analyzed (2010) 10'  for flute, bass clarinet, percussion, guitar, and toy piano. Recording: Lance Suzuki (fl), Ryan Yure (B Cl), Samuel Solomon (perc), Lorenzo Tomio (gtr), Roberto Durante (toy pno), Jeffrey Means (conductor). 5/3/11.

Breathing Room (2009) 7'  for flute, clarinet, vln, vla, vcl, pno, percussion. Written for the Composers Conference at Wellesley College, Summer 2009. Recording: Barry Crawford (fl), Jean Kopperud (cl), Anna Lim (vln), Liuh-Wen Ting (vla), Joshua Gordon (vcl), Christopher Oldfather (pno), Stephen Paysen (perc), James Baker (conductor). 7/22/09.

Quartet (a setting of the american bill of rights) (2007-08) 16'  for soprano, vln, vla, vcl. Recording: Kim Soby (sop) and members of the Lydian String Quartet; Jeff Means (conductor). New Music Brandeis series, Slosberg Hall, Waltham, MA 2/28/09.

You, Create a Diversion... (2008) 5'  for solo horn in F. Commissioned by and written for Laura Carter.Recording: Laura Carter, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, 3/20/13.

Transitions (2006-07) 9'  for flute/alto flute, trumpet in C, and piano. Dedicated to Michael E. Lancaster (1952-2006). 

Reflections of Grace (2005) 7'   for flute and piano. Written for Lauren Colbert Alford. Recording: Lauren Alford (fl), Alicia Gilliam (pno).

kakophonia (2004-05) 13'  for brass quintet. 

Ping (2004) 2'   for two trumpets. Recording: Travis Alford, Mark Mashburn (tpts).

Choral/ Vocal Ensemble  

O Fragile Human, Speak... (2014) 16'  for 8 female voices and 3 trumpets. Commissioned by the Lorelei Ensemble (text excerpted from Hildegard von Bingen's Scivias). Recording: Lorelei Ensemble (Beth Willer, director); Chris Belluscio, Jonah Kappraff, and Paul Perfetti, trumpets.

Melange Mine Own [Whitman Fragments] (2010) 6'  for vocal sextet (SSATBB). Written for the New York Virtuoso Singers (text excerpted from Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman). 

Rest (2010) 5'  for SATB choir (optional organ accompaniment). Written for Thomas Brooks and the Park Street Church Choir, Boston, MA (text from Matthew 11:28). Recording: Members of the Park Street Church Choir, 3/20/13.

Strong Son of God (2009) Hymn written for Park Street Church, Boston, MA. Published in the Park Street Hymnal Bicentennial Edition (text excerpted from In Memoriam by Alfred Lord Tennyson). Recording: Park Street Sanctuary Choir, Thomas Brooks, director, 1/29/12.

Improvisatory/ Other  

Chapel Music (2010-11) for trumpet, viola, and piano. Recording: Travis Alford (tpt), Tanya Kalmanovitch (vla) and Borey Shin (pno). Fraser Studio, WGBH, Boston, MA 7/18/11.

   I. Invocation     II. Recitation/ Reflection   

III. Stone and Glass (Reverence)

Change of Heart (2008) for trumpet, vln, vla, vcl, and piano. Recording: Travis Alford (tpt), Jessica Amidon (vln), Jonina Allan Mazzeo (vla), Rachel Arnold (vcl), and Dan VanHassel (pno).

Fo(u)r Winds (2007) 5'   for 4 somewhat-improvising wind instruments. Recording: Members of "The Forge"; Travis Alford, Danilo Henriquez, Lauren Strobel (tpts), Jason Belcher (hn in F).