Photo by David Peth.

Photo by David Peth.


"Travis Alford's O Fragile Human Speak... was the dramatic apex of the evening...a truly sublime rendering of the terror and wonder of otherworldly experience.” — Stefanie Lubkowski, Boston Classical Review

"...the work of a mature composer in command of his tools and aware of his own style." — Nate Shaffer, Boston Musical Intelligencer


"Mr. Alford uses [jazz] as a strand within a light-textured mixture of contemporary accents, and his work's spirit is in the graceful way jazz and a mild modernist thorniness move in and out of focus." — Allan KozinnNew York Times

"...a sense of humor that is evident in [Mr. Alford's] titles and writing, more so than many composers..." — Thomas MooreSonograma Magazine


"...actually quite enjoyable” — Emily WishingradThe Justice

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